Jacqueline MeyersonGrowing up in New York, I spent most of my free time creating on many levels.  I always had an affection for drawing but didn't pursue it as a profession.  I took several art classes in college but it wasn't until later in life did I realize my full potential. 

In 2001, I gave up my full time job as a controller of a small electronics firm and decided to concentrate solpastelsbgely on my new endeavor.  My motto rings louder than ever for me now, "it's never too late."

I explored all the mediums and have become extremely passionate about pastels.  Bold colors, forms and textures that energize and vibrate inspire me.  My current muse comes from fabulous flora that nature provides.  I try to capture the ultimate beauty that beholds me from such floral life and hope to transfer it into a painting. 



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